Huia Pinot Noir Marlborough, 2016

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Huia Pinot Noir Marlborough, 2016

A quick hop to New Zealand for some more Pinot Noir and to Wairau Valley in Marlborough to be precise – in fact ‘the Golden Mile’ of Rapaura district to be laser focused, in the undulating stony hills near the Wairau River (and close to the sea).  

If you love NZ Pinot I daresay you may have previously headed to Central Otago.   Marlborough Pinots can show more red cherry than black on the palate, and this wine is mid weight and silky, with fine tannins and spicy backgrounds. The height of elegance. 

Huia Pinot is hands off, minimal intervention, not emulating old world but very 21st century in the Allan family’s commitment to biodynamics and organic winemaking.

On the nose is spice, violets, vanilla and ripening cherries. The palate is rich with berry and cherry flavours with hints of smoke, spice and savoury notes. The French oak imparts a lovely gentle vanilla pod flavour and the silky but firm grape tannins are well integrated. 

Bearing in mind how expensive New Zealand Pinot Noir has got in recent years, I rejoice in this price and hopefully you will too. Oh, and a Huia is a unique New Zealand bird from the wattlebird family.