La Sala del Torriano, Chianti Classico 2019

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La Sala del Torriano Chianti Classico 2019

A true restaurant wine; beautifully made, versatile with all sorts of food (especially with aubergine parmigiana) and in some great restaurants around the place, including some of the Gordon Ramsey stable, Manteca and the Cinamon Club. So much good vslue to be found in Chianti too these days, with the increase in prices around Brunello wines. 

Located at the northern edge of the Chianti Classico region, the Sala estate’s origins date back to 1260. Today they are a producer who blends traditional techniques with modern sensibilities. The wine is 95% Sangiovese and 5% Merlot, aged in a mixture of French oak and stainless steel and shows fruit by way of black cherry with vanilla and star anise with a rustic edge of dried autumn leaves.

2019 was a stunning vintage for Chianti Classico.