Silvano Bolmida, Monforte d'Alba, Barbera 'Conca del Grillo' 2018

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Barbera, the most planted red grape in Italy's Piedmont region, produces some of the juiciest, most food-friendly wines in the country. It can yield fresh, easygoing expressions as well as full-bodied, elegant wines that can age up to 15 years.  It produces good yields and is known for deep color, full body, low tannins and high levels of acidity.

I get huge satisfaction from finding Piedmont wines that offer value and class (see Whitfield Wines Franchino Gattinara and  Langhe Nebbiolo Simane, Reverdito). 

Silvano Bolmida is restless with experimentation in both vineyard and cellar and he seeks endlessly for ways of refining his wines, softening the naturally harsh tannins of the Nebbiolo grapes by extended macerations of anything up to 100 days and researching methods of making wine safely without the use of sulphur.

His excellent Barbera shows what can be done with the grape in a top class vineyard site. my job is to confirm it is an amazing bargain when compared with equivalent wines of higher profile producers from the region.

Crunchy, cherry-bright, big and full with lovely dark berried fruit and refreshing cool acidity. A deep and earthy palate with some evidence of oak ageing and a long finish.