Soave Superiore, Runcata, Tenuta Corte Giacobbe 2020

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Soave Superiore, Runcata, Tenuta Corte Giacobbe 2020

Truly elegant and structured with great length and intensity, with some fantastic weight to the wine, this wine pairs brilliantly with more complex dishes, whether they be truffle risotto, rich seafood, crab and lobster. 

This incredible Soave is made with 100% Garganega. The estate was founded in 1934 by Augusto Dal Cero. Now it’s in the hands of the third family generation – Alberto, Davide, Nico and Francesca. With 40 hectares of vines including the Runcata vineyard, they make a range of wines from Garganega, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Durella.

Young Runcata is a light silver-gold colour. It’s characterised mostly by its acacia aroma and primary pineapple fruit flavour. It has a refreshing yet silken acidity and a long mineral finish. As it ages over the two or three years, a herb quality begins to appear on the nose and palate, perhaps rosemary and sage. The fruit acquires more depth and moves from the exotic towards peach and apricot.

The vineyards surrounding the ancient Corte Giacobbe are planted on the slopes of two extinct volcanoes, Calvarina and Crocetta, whose soils, of volcanic derivation, are composed of lava and tuff, and are rich in micro-elements. The area’s unique geologic history significantly impacts the mineral and organic makeup of the grapes, shapes their pronounced aromatic and mineral characteristics, and gives a delicious tanginess to the flavours of the wine.