Pinot Noir Vallée d`Aoste, Elio Ottin 2021

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Pinot Noir Vallée d`Aoste, Elio Ottin 2021

Everything about this wine says drama. From the Vallée d'Aoste DOC right up on the French border in Italy and Northwest of Piedmont, where over 85% of the wines produced are red. This wine benefits from the high altitude and sunny slopes with sea winds for freshness (salinity?) The vines are grown on pergolas and the grapes here produce medium bodied, aromatic wines.  

The red grapes in the area are mainly nebbiolo, dolcetto and moscato, but some ethereal and brilliant pinot noir is produced and I am proud to show the best example. The vineyard describes the wine better than I can: 'Mountain terrain, salt and a charge of aroma, a surprising overture of flavour accompanied by a classic bouquet of moss and earth. Deep and sensual, shifting between fruit and mineral notes. Leather, blood orange, dewy early-morning woodlands. The aftertaste scent offers intense emotions of femininity and charisma.' Perfect. 

“My father loved Pinot Noir. It was rare in those days to make mono-varietal wine from this grape as it meant diverging from classic Valdostan grapes. Despite this, he loved the wine and sold a number of his bottles to local restaurants. This is where my passion springs from... him."

Elio Ottin