First Rosé of 2022

First Rosé of 2022

My philosophy with Rosé is to find wines that sit in the sweet spot where you maximise on the quality of the wine for the price but do not stray into a price point where you are paying for the marketing hype.  Being focused on restaurant wines creates a good anchor, as good businesses shy away from paying for too much brand, knowing quality will out, and knowing what style profile customers prefer. 

At this stage in the rosé ‘season’ I am staying predominantly in France, the Loire for the Sancerre Rosé, Provence for the rest and have also listed a belter from the brilliant team at Boa Esperanza. I would really urge you to stay in the £12-20 bracket if you can, as you get lower than that, very little of what you spend is going towards the wine in the bottle. 

From Sancerre, and 100% pinot noir, I have listed the Domaine Sylvain Bailly Sancerre Rosé 2021. From Provence, the Domaine de Triennes, Rosé, Méditerranée 2020 which you can have in any reasonable sized bottle and is reduced in price to get you revved up. 

Hot off the wine lists at the Beaumont Hotel, Wilton’s, Franklin’s, Galvin La Chapelle, Bellanger and Soutine is the ever elegant Chateau Roubine Côtes des Provence Rosé  Cru Classé  "Cuvée Premium" 2021. 

Finally, down to the equally chic Lisboa area I am offering the Quinta da Boa Esperança, Atlântico Rosé 2021. Apreciá-lo!!

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