Whitfield Wines from Italy

Whitfield Wines from Italy

Italian wine is a particular focus for Whitfield Wines, explore the intricacies of various Italian regions and producers, I hope to take you all along that journey with me. 

The map below shows just how complicated the country is, region by region. These are only the main grapes: 

Italy's Ministry of Agriculture has documented over 350 "authorized" grapes in Italy. There are more than 500 other grapes grown in the country.  Italy has documented 339 DOC, 417 DOP and 78 DOCG – the geographical areas that are particularly suitable for growing high quality wines.  

So far Whitfield Wines have been predominantly from Piedmont and Tuscany, which are the areas, along with Veneto, that dominant restaurant lists as well as the 78 DOCG areas. But our philosophy is to find quality and value from wines that are more insider names than a list of the most famous, expect to see ideas from across the country - Sardinia to Lombardy, Umbria to Sicily, perhaps from lesser-known varietals on non-indigenous grapes grown alongside the most famous grapes or from small producers that sell only in Italy, or a few restaurants in the US and UK. 

For April I am presenting a wonderful Pinot Noir from Valle d’Aosta which is to the Northeast of Piedmont.  I am always being asked for alternative expressions of pinot from other parts of Europe and this is the first of many - Pinot Noir Vallée d`Aoste, Elio Ottin 2020.  

Next, we head east but stay close to the mountains, to Trentino Alto Adige for some incredibly Riesling - Domaine Kuenhof Riesling, ‘Kaiton’ Alto Adige 2020.   

Down to Tuscany, for a noble white wine that is not well known in the UK and I was lucky to find - Montenidori Vernaccia di San Gimignano 'Tradizionale' 2020.  Finally, a classic house wine and the best Chianti I have had for a long, long time - Chianti Colli Aretini, Mannucci Droandi 2019. 


Finally back up to Piedmont for a real gem, this time a blend made exclusively for Hawksmoor Restaurants - Rosso Braida, Barbera/Cab Sav/Merlot 2018