Whitfield Wines Magnums

Whitfield Wines Magnums

Whitfield Wines customers absolutely adore magnums.  In December, demand for magnums of Chablis and Champagne went through the roof, and some wonderful magnums of Brunello went out of the door within a few minutes of my wine letter arriving in December, to be distributed to a team who had had a 'very good year'.  A nice thing to bring home to family for the celebrations. 

So what is the appeal?  Of course the large format has a theatrical aspect, it is a statement - this lunch is going to be fun, a little decadent, and no body will be getting up from the table until after 5pm. Of a host it says generosity and confidence, and to the guests? a commitment to a social event. 

There are other reasons why magnums are such good news. Among wine professionals, magnums are considered to keep wine fresher, because the wine ages more slowly in a large bottle.

Many in restaurant world feel magnums are under-appreciated as when put on menus they don't always sell well - perhaps because of sticker shock, or limited time to finish them at the table. Of course at home, and with some guidance from me, there will be no sticker shock and certainly no turn times. 

I haven't seen this in the UK much, but some say a magnum maintains and prolongs a wine’s vibrancy for longer once opened so rather counter intuitively, magnums last longer once opened than a single bottle.  So a large bottle, once opened can last over a week and comes guilt-free, because you don’t need to rationalise opening a bottle when you only want a glass (if you have the willpower).  

So take a look at my range of magnums, test out your will power, or at the very least throw a good Sunday lunch..