2022 Grolleau Gris, Domaine du Haut Bourg, Val du Loire

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An exciting cool climate white, perfect as an aperitif, whether it be with prawns, oysters or something more substantial. 

Domaine du Haut Bourg are primarily Muscadet producers based in the Grandlieu appelation south of Nantes.  The brothers Nicholas and Herve also plant a range of other varieties includung Gamay, Sauvignon and Grolleau Gris.

The lac de Grandlieu (south), the Loire river (north) and the low altitude (from 15 to 25 meters) create a micro climate characterised by low temperature differences between day and night. This phenomenon allows an early harvest.which helps keep the wines spritely, fresh and characterful. 

Carefully put together, this is a great wine to try if you fancy a change from Sauvignon Blanc. It has melon, lychee and stone fruit with zippy, fresh acidity on the lively finish and is elegant to a note.

A perfect Whitfield Wine house white that wont break the bank!