Franz Haas Pinot Nero Alto Adige DOC 2021

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Franz Haas Pinot Nero Alto Adige DOC 2021

Whitfield Wines is looking to Alto Adige more and more for inspiration around Restaurant Wines at Home. Firstly, the food is so wonderful and varied in that part of world - from rich pastas and game, to schnitzel and prosciutto. Second, the mountainous surroundings and fantastic conditions encourage ever popular lighter reds like Lagrein and Pinot Nero, and of course a whole raft of white wines.  So watch this space!

This wine from world famous Franz Haas is the quintessence of Pinot Noir from Alto Adige. Agile structure but endless complexity. Transparent ruby, with notes of fruit, violets, tobacco and lots and lots of minerality. An all-round mountain wine. Savoury on the palate, with tannins that are pungent but not intrusive. Sumptuous and agile at the same time.

This wine is ruby red in colour and the nose opens with notes of black cherries, raspberries, marzipan, plum jam, cloves and cinnamon, ending finally with some light earthy aromas. On the palate, this wine is fresh and lively with elegant tannins.

The Pinot Nero can be enjoyed with light fish dishes, wild game roasts and red meats.

It can also be enjoyed on the terrace at the River Cafe in London.