FE Huff Riesling Trocken 2022

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FE Huff Riesling Trocken 2022

Super crisp and dry, with a bright, flinty mineral backbone. Notes of petrol, lime, and stone fruit; tangy and zesty on the palate, with a lingering finish, this is really exciting and appealing riesling, which I urge you to try. 

After the horrors of Black Tower and Blue Nun coming from Rheinhessen in the 20th century, a young generation of winemakers has been digging up the treasure that lies dormant in Rheinhessen's soils for about 20 years. Rheinhessen is a land full of varied terroir and wines worth discovering and here at Whitfield Wines, we are testing the water with some fantastic examples of classic rieslings, which should blow your socks off, whilst leaving the budget well and truly intact. 

As regards a restaurant wine at home, riesling has always had huge support on lists in London from sommeliers who love the nerdy, technical side of German rieslings, perhaps more than customers do, who sometimes find the level of residual sugar difficult to predict. This is changing currently, with white burgundies becoming so expensive, and pricing themselves off lists, restaurateurs have more room for manoeuvre and I sense these great wines will grow and grow in popularity. They are also great to pair with food in general. Watch this space.

A lovely tasting note:

'On the nose a melange of aromas with yellow stone fruit, wood savouriness, vineyard peach some rosehip, lemon peel and herbal notes. A firm structure on the palate, stimulating and elegant with lively, balanced acidity, fine phenolics, minerality and a long lasting finish.'