Braida, Giacomo Bologna, Rosso Braida 2020

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Braida, Giacomo Bologna, Rosso Braida 2020

I am often asked if I can recommend an Argentinian malbec for an enthusiastic consumer of steaks at home.  This is not an easy task at a good price here in the UK, and there seems to be little appetite for malbecs from Cahors in France, the famous (delicious) and so called 'black wine of the South West of France. 

So I thought I would go one better and show you all this wonderful blend from Piedmont that in fact is specially made for the Hawksmoor Restaurants.

Giacomo Bologna took over the family winery in the early 1960s. A larger than life character he had a flair for experimenting and producing wines of exuberance and style. His children Raffaella and Beppe continue the tradition with his widow, Anna. Braida is the name of the winery.the estate is in the Monferrato region of Piedmont, just southeast of the town of Asti. It is particularly associated with wines produced from the Barbera grape variety, and is sometimes credited as the first producer in the region to prove that this variety can be aged in new oak barrels.

Some years ago the Hawksmoor team went and made their own blend at Braida, and the wine has remained on all their menus ever since. You will not find this wine anywhere else; the pure definition of a restaurant wine. 

Rosso Braida 2019 is a blend of Barbera d'Asti,  Cabernet Sauvignon and a small amount of Merlot.  It is perfect with entrecôte (I have tried it); its juiciness and acidity compliments the layered flavours, the slight carbonised outside and fattiness of a well cooked example. 

Once you have tried this, you will always want to have some available at home.  Enjoy it at home, imagining it being ordered at the new Hawksmoor in New York, where it has also recently arrived.