Trentino Olivar, Cantina Cesconi Friuli 2019

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Trentino Olivar, Cantina Cesconi Friuli 2019

Another River Café stalwart, 'Olivar' by Cesconi is serious, technical and is one of the top wines coming out of this part of Northern Italy currently.  Not an easy wine to get hold of, and stands up as one of the very top whites in this northerly region. Cesconi is now firmly established as one of the top Fruili wine producers and is farmed organically and bio-dynamically.

This wine has the sort of complexity that people now come to expect of Cesconi.

A blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Blanc, this is a wonderful wine with food. 

A light gold wine that shows layered aromas of ripe stone fruit such as apricot and peach with notes of white flowers. The nose and palate show really intense smoky citrus fruit with a green tang, pronounced pear drop, apricot and peach. There’s a lot of acidity and minerality to balance the intense flavours, and the oak is incredibly subtle. It’s very clean, refreshing and very different. A fresh, citrus character in the mouth is rounded out by the vanilla notes from the gentle oak ageing and complemented by a touch of minerality.

The long finish is floral and fragrant.