March Wines Letter

March Wines Letter

Despite the appalling and tragic geo-political backdrop in Eastern Europe, we have all been ploughing on here in London, somehow with a gut-tightening feeling that the world has changed for ever.

While the recent tube strikes have seemed all too familiar to Londoners, they have served well to remind us all how lucky we are to live in this wonderful place, if the worst we must contend with is some feeble RMT picket lines and embarrassed looking tube drivers causing travel havoc, while we all worked from home or walked miles to work without a word of complaint.

The organisers of the Nebbiolo (Piedmont Story) Day that I attend on said tube strike day were looking nervous as they opened at 10am.  They needn’t have worried, as the event was a great success and packed despite travel challenges. You will see I have dipped a little more of a toe in the gorgeous complexities of Piedmont wine production, I do hope you will give some of the wines a try.

I spent some time in Beaujolais and further north in Chablis too in readiness for the March letter. In the face of a looming shortage in Chablis, not only for the 2020 wines, but even more so for the 2021 vintage, I am urging clients who love Chablis to stock up steadily this year, and I have found two more fantastic wines for you to enjoy; The Rive Droite 2019 from Cyril Testut, and the Domaine Ventoura 2020.

Read the full story with ‘Great Chablis in Short Supply'. You will also spot a red wine called Irancy from quite near Chablis – it is a pinot noir made by Clotilde Davenne.

Weirdly, Decanter Magazine have put out an article on the joys of Irancy this month, mentioning Clotilde amongst others – great minds think alike.

If you are not super familiar with Beaujolais reds, Don’t be put off by the thought of Beaujolais Nouveau and the bubble-gum and banana flavours so prevalent in the wines we could access several years ago.  There are so many exciting wines to try now, and I have put together a few reds that fit the bill for wonderful wines to have around at home, here.

You will notice a brilliant white wine from Beaujolais too - Cheysson L’Exception is exceptional! Do give it a try if you like white burgundy.

I have got new stock of my two ‘go-to’ white Burgundies if you are looking for quick Burgundy recommendations.  Both can be drunk now – they are perfect – but will also be great cellared for 12 months too.  Check out the wines here – Girardin Bourgogne & Fevre Vielles Vignes.

Customers always ask me for top picks for the month so here goes:

  1. Gallimard NV in bottles and magnums, buy it before they put the prices up in April! I have also added a brilliant Crémant from Alsace to the list
  2. A gentle introduction (or reminder) of the joys of Piedmont red wines – starting with Silvano Bolmida's Barbera 'Conca del Grillo' 2018 and
  3. Dolcetto d'Alba from Cantina del Pino 2020 – 6 of each perhaps?
  4. Three of each of the Beaujolais choices for a mixed case of 12 wines from Beaujolais
  5. Still loving the Domaine La Soumade, and even better in magnums!
  6. Try a case of 12 Irancy – as above
  7. Explore the March wines here

Happy drinking and best wishes,