Domaine 'Les Temps Perdus' - Clotilde Davenne, Irancy 2018

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Domaine 'Les Temps Perdus' - Clotilde Davenne, Irancy 2018

Irancy, in the Grand Auxerrois region, stands on the right bank of the Yonne river, 15kms South of Auxerre and South-West of Chablis. The village is vaguely famous for its majestic church, as well as the house where G. Soufflot, architect of the Paris Panthéon, was born.  It imore famous for its extraordinary Red Burgundy - Irancy - which became an appellation in 1999. It is the northern most red appellation of Burgundy. 

So what is this red I am recommending that is made less than 20 kms from Chablis? First, it is often overlooked by UK importers (or dominated by French buyers) which is a plus and second, it is a wine having more and more successful vintages with global warming making marginal ripening incredibly important for this elegant, delicate grape. 

Clotilde is the preeminent wine maker in the village (perhaps even more famous for her St Bris Sauvignon - the only Sauvignon grown in Burgundy). If desired, she can include in Irancy's composition up to 10% of César, a traditional grape of this region. Rich in tannins, lively in colour, the César is a noble grape which lends the wine an interesting personality. 

Snap this Irancy up if you love elegant, complex Pinot from burgundy at around £25 a bottle; as rare as hens' teeth these days. 

Proper tannins balancing the cherry-driven fruits, this is a perfect companion for strong meaty dishes followed by lots and lots of French cheeses.  A second bottle is almost inevitable.